Monday, January 16, 2017

Skiing: A Bucket List Completion

Okay, I know that skiing isn't a unique adventure that is going to draw the masses to my blog like a siren song.  I mean, no one has ever been to Colorado skiing, right?  But, it does cross yet another item off a Bucket List aimed at experiencing as many different adventures and as much of God's beautiful scenery as possible.  And I got to enjoy a day with my kids.

Addison decided on Monarch in south-central Colorado because a friend gave her a BOGO coupon, and I could get a great military rate.  Monarch is a great resort for first-time skiers or families.  The Green runs are challenging for novices and fun for those that just enjoy skiing recreationally, and the Blue runs are respectable. 

The weather was supposed to be horrible!  The forecast called for a high of 15 with winds 30-50 mph all day long.  I think it scared most people off because it really wasn't crowded (and it was a week day).  It was cold that day, but we stayed warm in our layers, and the promised wind wound up being relatively calm with the exception of the occasional large gust.  It turned out to be a great day!