Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adventure Blogging Challenge

Ok, so it's not a challenge to write adventure blog posts, but I needed a catchy title. In point of fact, Cristi is starting a "blogging through the alphabet" challenge with several of her friends, so she suggested I join as a way to guide my decisions on what to post -- and to ensure I keep posting!  And, since I've refocused my blog on travel, camping, and hiking, each post will focus either on a trip (adventure) we've taken or in gear recommendations.  

Just to whet your appetite, the first few (subject to change) are:
1) Assateague Island
2) Battlefields
3) Checklists
4) Dehydrated Meals

Obviously, Cristi is also doing this (you can follow her blog here), as well as her friend, Meg (her blog here).  Neither of them are going to be posting about super-cool adventures, getting you excited about all there is to experience in the great outdoors, but they're pretty cool people, so I encourage you to check out their blogs as well.  Posts start next week, so check back on the blog then!  Oh, I also want that mystery gift they're giving away if I link up all 26 weeks!  After all, I am competitive by nature!

Blogging Through the Alphabet” style=

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