Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lake Meredith NRA

Who knew there was stunning natural beauty in the panhandle of Texas?  Thanks to my quest to visit every NPS site, we seized a target of opportunity to stop at Lake Meredith NRA on a trip to Oklahoma.  That trip offers precious few areas to stop, so we usually pack a picnic lunch, and we just happened to be in the area about that time.

Lake Meredith is tucked away off the beaten path, but just a short drive north of Amarillo.  As with most lakes, the main activities are boating and fishing.  We obviously didn't have time for that, but there's a picnic and camping area right beside the lake.  You couldn't ask for a better view for lunch!

Driving in is fun, too.  As I mentioned, the lake is somewhat remote.  Driving along FM 1319, it's the standard flat West Texas fare until you round a bend and emerge onto a dam, with the lake and its beautiful, rust-colored cliffs surrounding it.

If you happen to be in the Amarillo area and have an hour to spare, Lake Meredith NRA is an oasis for a relaxing picnic lunch and some great pictures!

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