Monday, April 20, 2009

The Storm has Passed

We got great news about Brennan today! It's been a while since I posted an update about him, so you may want to refresh your memory by clicking here and here. I mentioned in my previous Brennan update that putting this puzzle together was a bit like putting together a puzzle of a bunch of spilled candy and doing it without the box. Only now it's as if I just realized I just needed to turn the pieces over for it to all come clear. OK, enough intrigue and metaphor: Brennan's neurologist called today with the results of his EEG that he had over a month ago (finally!); everything's clear! Before, he was showing subtle epileptic activity, but now, even knowing what to look for, there's nothing there! No epileptic activity, no seizures, nothing. Just plain-jane vanilla brain waves. She thinks it may have been one of the medicines he was on to treat his supposed bipolar.

His psychiatrist rescinded the bipolar diagnosis a while back and replaced it with anxiety. Thankfully, we've been able to manage that with weekly therapy sessions and without medicine. He still struggles with temper outbursts, but I think it's getting better. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head when something makes him mad. He's fighting his demons to determine which side will win. That's a huge step forward! Of course the true test will be when his mother gets back, since that's where he's had the hardest time controling his outbursts. I'm convinced it will be better, and perhaps (hopefully), this separation has been a healing rain of sorts.

On top of his weekly psych therapy, he's getting weekly occupational therapy. Brennan's incredibly talented in some ways, like sports and math, but has problems in multi-sensory environments and with real-world problem-solving. His occupational therapist specializes in that sort of therapy, so we're hopeful that will ease some frustration he may be having over "simple things". He's at least having fun! He gets to do things like build obstacle courses and test them out and play with putty that makes bathroom noises when you squeeze it. What more could an 8-year-old boy ask for?

We are so absolutely thankful that yet another burden has been lifted. Brennan still has a fair amount of therapy ahead of him, but we're now convinced that there's nothing extremely serious or harmful wrong with him. Praise God! He is good!


  1. That is REALLY good news! We recently found out that medicine can cause seizure activity too, because Nathan has had several small seizures coming off of some really heavy duty pain med. But he's off of everything now and hasn't had a seizure in about a week! I'm really happy for you that you've found some answers for Brennan! What young person wouldn't have some anxiety considering all of the stuff you guys have been going through? It's probably a normal response! I'm so glad for the help you have. We are blessed by resources these days aren't we? God bless you all! Jerri

  2. Hey...that's great news! I'm not a doc and I don't play one on TV...but it is in the area of my graduate is not unusual for kids to react that way when there are stressors in the family...they often feel angry and responsible for them..they take on the guilt. It is good that Brennan is in therapy and those issues are being addressed. What you all need is a few months of total boredom, under your own roof and just kickin' back...our prayers continue for that kind of normalcy for you soon. We love you and continue to lift you up in prayer. Tell Brennan I'm glad the ice cream is back on the menu for him. Hugs, Sharon and Grady

  3. Great news. My sister has struggled with bi-polar disorder for years and it is NOT easy for anyone.

    blessings to the fam.