Friday, May 22, 2009

Candid Conversations With a Three-Year-Old

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a three-year-old? Sometimes, when they speak, they make you laugh. Sometimes they make you cry. Sometimes they make you proud. And, sometimes, they make you sigh. We've always known that Lauren understands a lot -- more than most little kids do (or should) at their age. In fact, one thing is abundantly clear: Lauren is not sitting idly by in the hospital wondering why the wall is blue, oblivious to everything. The other day, Cristi had a philosophical conversation with Lauren -- just out of the blue. I thought I'd share it with you.

[One morning in the playroom]

Lauren: Who works in the cath lab?

Cristi: Dr. Hanna. (Lauren's cardiologist)

Lauren: Who else?

Cristi: [Pauses to think]

Lauren: Does Robert's (one of the older boys she knows on the ward) doctor work in the cath lab?

Cristi: No. He works in the operating room.

Lauren: Can he fix my heart?

Cristi: No, but he might help when you get your new, strong heart.

Lauren: Will he put it in my back?

Cristi: No, it will go in the front.

Lauren: Oh. I'll lift up my shirt for him in the operating room!

[An hour or so later, as Cristi is putting Lauren down for her nap]

Lauren: Will you go with me to the operating room?

Cristi: Yes, I'll go all the way to the operating room with you.

Lauren: Good! [Pauses] I'll cooperate! (We tell her she has to cooperate when she goes to the gym, or Mommy will have to leave)

[Later...back in three-year-old land...]
Lauren was pretending to play Rock Band in the playroom. She pretended to turn on the TV, open the X-Box, and put the imaginary disc in. Then she got the drumsticks, sat down, tapped the sticks while saying, "1-2-3", and then proceeded to sing a song: "Merf, Merf, Merf".

Then, Cristi and Lauren were playing Dora Candyland. She got tired of playing with just the two player markers (Lauren, not Cristi!), so she kept making up new players (Tico, Benny, Backpack, etc.). Cristi said she must have had about 10 imaginary players on the board that they were trying to keep track of! Imagine how many times that many players could hit Queen Frostine and have to go back to the beginning! Talk about a never-ending game! Of course, at that age, it's way more about the playing than the winning.

Well, there you have it: A three-year-old's mind at work. One moment, happily pretending that she's a rock star -- another moment, clearly spending significant brain cells on the implications of her "unfortunate incarceration" -- who's involved, how it works, what to expect, whether she'll have to go through it all alone...I'm awe-struck. What an amazing little girl!


  1. So, incredible! Thank you again for finding the beauty in difficult circumstances. You, Cristi, and Lauren are so encouraging to me. GIGATTAATTGIG!

  2. No fair sharing my funny stories in your blog!

    (But I love you anyway!)