Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living the Dream of a Prom Queen

Last week was a busy week. In the first three days, I had already worked about 36 hours, trying to get ready for my big briefings that begin the process of building the Air Force budget for 2011. The days were long, I needed more time, and I was about to go crazy. But in the middle of the busy-ness, I got to take a little time out for a really special night with my daughter. Last Thursday was "Prom night" at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Cristi asked me to come up, wear my Mess Dress, and be Lauren's date. Now how could I turn that down?

About 3 years ago, they began having an annual prom for the kids who were stuck in the hospital and weren't able to go. They open it up to all the kids, though, and really make a big deal out of it. I took up a formal for Cristi and the dress Addison wore as a flower girl in Cristi's sister's wedding for Lauren. It was perfect! The hospital spent the whole day getting ready for it. On Lauren's floor, they transformed the playroom into the 6 East Beauty Salon. They had a stylist there, so Lauren got her hair and nails done. She knew how to show it off, too. She even asked one of the nurse practitioners if she was going to the prom and what she was wearing. She replied that she thought she'd wear what she had on (a very stylish shirt/slacks combo, which she wore to work that day). Lauren gave her a look that said that was clearly not appropriate! Talk about a diva! I was amazed, wondering where she learned such behavior! I think it must be from her sister!

The entire floor went down together. We quite literally paraded down the halls to the elevator, IV poles, heart monitors, and medical staff all in tow. Even with all the added gear, it was quite a site to see with all the kids dressed up in their best clothes. When we arrived downstairs, we got to walk down the red carpet with photographers taking pictures and people cheering the kids on. They transformed the cafeteria into a dance floor (not unlike they did for Cristi's and my first two proms together) and had a DJ there to get the kids and adults moving together on the dance floor. Just imagine teens, 3-year-olds, and AF majors raising the roof, doing conga lines, and line dancing. Sorry...no pictures...You'll just have to imagine that!

They even had local media there covering the event, and before we knew it, we had been volunteered to get interviewed. I could tell you all about it, but I'll just let the story speak for itself (click here).

Unfortunately, I had to drive back home that night so that I could be at work early the next morning for my briefings. Just a short trip, but one well worth it! Enjoy the pictures!

Lauren and her cardiologist, Dr. Hanna


  1. These pictures are precious! I think it is amazing that the hospital does this for the kids and the families. So glad you got to spend that time with Lauren and Cristi. You all look fabulous!

  2. What fun! :) You had some good-looking dates! :)