Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Week In

We're now one week into this journey, and it hasn't been rosy. Lauren came down with RSV the day I left Philadelphia after taking her up there to check her in. Despite feeling better after about three days of extreme puniness, she's still on contact precautions for about five more days -- meaning that she can't leave her room, period. No play room, no walks, no group art/music -- nothing but four walls.

After a week of separation, I really miss Cristi and Lauren. Cristi and I usually spend our evenings catching up with each other, talking about what happened that day, how we should tackle the medical concern of the day, what events are coming on the horizon, how we need to coordinate schedules, make joint decisions, why the girl on American Idol thought she needed to try out in a bikini, etc. Making decisions on who will keep the kids when and coordinating resolution of medical bills, etc. is also harder over the phone (or Facebook!).

At work, I got word in a most unsettling and unwelcoming way that my job may be moving to a different part of the organization with a different boss: I came to work Tuesday and had an e-mail saying that everyone on there was soon going to be working for this new directorate and so these slides needed to be done by the end of the day. (Interestingly, my current boss hadn't heard that I was supposed to be moving!) If that wasn't enough, the same thing happened again the next day! I was able to complete the tasks with no problem, but it seemed as if it might become a habit. I've established a good working relationship with my boss and boss's boss that I can pretty much take off whenever I need. I've done that a lot, while doing my best to keep up with work and not take advantage of their generosity. I have no such established relationship with the new command structure. Indeed, they know very little of Lauren's issues and certainly not this latest adventure.

On top of all that, yesterday was Lauren's birthday. I was sad that I didn't get to spend it with her. In fact, I didn't even get a chance to talk to her yesterday. Fortunately, she had a great day yesterday. Check out Cristi's blog for her heartwarming story. We'll celebrate as a family on Tuesday, when we take her presents up there.

Being fearless is a daily challenge. It's only natural to fear the unknown. Still, there are things to be thankful for. I still have our parents and friends to help out with the big kids, so they're getting their schoolwork done -- and I'm not missing any meals. Lauren and Cristi moved to a much larger room with more space to stretch out and play. They put a mat down on the floor, so Lauren can get down and play. The therapists and child life specialists have been good to come by and play as well, giving Cristi much-needed breaks here and there. The work move isn't a done deal yet (still hoping against it), but my current boss e-mailed my new (prospective) boss and told him the situation. Should I have to move, I'm sure that will work out, too. Last, but not least, I continue to be strengthened from all the well wishes, encouragement, and prayers from friends and family. The power of friendship/fellowship should never be underestimated. I simply don't think I could endure this trial without God's blessing of friends and family. You guys are awesome!


  1. Tim, what a heavy load you had yesterday...and pretty much every day! I know that it's harder without Cristi present to share things with you, even though she does. I am going to pray that your job situation changes only if it is going to help you guys with your challenges. Of course we continue to pray for Lauren and that a heart becomes available....but not before she is 100%. Don and I are so encouraged by the two of you and your faith demonstrated in the life you live with your family. And Happy Birthday to Lauren! God bless you guys!

  2. God,

    We pray for Tim and the rest of the family as they are seperated from each other. Give them your Grace in an extra measure as you hold them in Your hand. We praise you in advance!

    Because of Jesus, the Schwamb's and the Sikes' can be family!