Thursday, January 1, 2009

Totally Tubular

OK, Cristi started a new blog and beat me to the punch on this one, so you can read both versions of this story and maybe get a complete picture of just what actually happened today. If you're interested, you can check out her blog here. I hope you'll follow hers as well. Just don't forget about mine...'K? Anyway, here's my version of our day today:

This Christmas my grandmother gave our family a substantial sum of cash -- to be used in any way we saw fit. We've been incredibly blessed as a family over the years, so we really didn't need more "stuff". With Lauren and Cristi's impending incarceration in Philadelphia, we planned a quick family trip to the slopes to go snow tubing!

We got up early this morning and drove up to Liberty Ski Resort just across the Pennsylvania border (maybe we should actually move to Pennsylvania!) -- not far from Gettysburg. We were rewarded with near-empty slopes. That's right! While everyone else was recovering from last night, we were enjoying the slopes!

If you've never been tubing, think of it like the luge for amateurs...or one of those inner-tube water slide rides, only on the snow -- at double the speed (see pictures, below -- comments about the combination of my cool red coat with my 14-year-old royal blue ski pants that I got on clearance 14 years ago not required!)! Lauren even had her own bunny slope for 2-4 year olds. She had a great time sliding, but got cold after a while and spent much of her time enjoying the warmth of the lodge. Cristi and I took turns racing -- I mean, supervising -- the big kids. Imagine flying downhill at supersonic speed, with the snow blowing in your face. We rode on your backs, on our stomachs, and even tandem with two tubes tied together. We even spun all the way down the hill! This was great family fun! Our kids are already asking when they can go again -- or if we could make it an annual trip!

Oh, and we were also glad that we decided to set the alarm clock. By the time our two-hour session was up, it was one continuous line from the end of the tubing tracks to the top of the lift -- and a crowd of people large enough to challenge any Black Friday special still waiting in line for tickets and tubes. Looks like 2009's going to be a great year if today is any predictor!

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  1. Very cool! We went two years ago for Nick's B'day. We went out to Gore near where you guys went camping. I was surprised how fast the runs are! We went late-the 9 pm slot and there was only a small crowd.