Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our First (Only?) Big Snow of the Year

My parents had been up here helping with the kids -- doing school, fixing meals, ferrying the kids to appointments and activities, and doing laundry. I have to say it was nice to be able to go to work and still let the kids continue doing all of the things they need to. They left on Saturday, though, so I've been at home with the kids this week. As helpful as they were, it's been nice to have some all-by-ourselves time. I think I picked the wrong week, though! Yesterday, it was swim team practice at 0630, school, an allergy shot for Addison, and, oh yeah, try to get some work done from home. Thursday is school, another allergy shot for Addison, an appointment for Brennan (probably coupled with a trip to the pharmacy), and getting ready for Friday. Friday, we start the day with an egg challenge for Brennan (to see if he's out-grown his egg food allergy; I have to cook and bring some scrambled eggs and french toast) that will take all morning, then leave from there to go up to Philadelphia for an overnight trip. Saturday, Cristi's parents arrive.

Today, there wasn't much on the schedule other than school, and an appointment for Brennan. I was looking forward to getting some more work done. It was snowing when we woke up this morning -- what a wonderful surprise! We spent the morning doing school (interleaved with a little bit of work for me), then went outside to play for a while. It wasn't a blizzard or massive snowfall by anyone's calculation, but it was 2-3 inches -- enough to play in! They had grand intentions of building a snowman and a fort big enough to fend off an army of medieval snow catapults...but it just wasn't to be. The snow just didn't want to pack, so we had trouble getting any big snowballs.

Still they had a great time! After spending quite a bit of time working on large snowballs, Brennan devolved into the Ice Age hand-to-hand combat model of snowball fighting. Realizing he wasn't pounding his enemy into submission, though, he made his own catapult using the snow shovel! I would have gotten pictures, but I was too busy running! Nevertheless, I did get a few photos to share. We love snow, but this will probably be our only significant snow this year...Too bad!

After getting frozen in the snow, we came back in to thaw out. We talked about having our semi-official post-snowfall hot chocolate. Addison came up with a new idea instead: Coffee with chocolate milk (i.e., a mocha latte!). Mmmm...was it good!

P.S. Lauren continues to feel well, but can't shake the cough and runny nose. Consequently, she's still quarantined. We just keep hoping it will run its course very soon. Fortunately, Lauren is getting into a routine. Cristi says it's a delicate balance between having a schedule that Lauren can rely on and being bossed around by a 3-year-old dictator (i.e., "Mommy, I watch Dora. You go get breakfast.")! She's so cute, you can't help but love her! Finally, for those that were wondering, I suspect that if a heart were to become available right now, they'd go ahead with the transplant despite the persistent cold symptoms, so that's good news.

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